Image: Tourism by Priyanka from the Noun Project. Source:

Image: Tourism by Priyanka from the Noun Project. Source:

Social Change and Tourism in the Okanagan: Senses, Mobility, and the Atmosphere

Sensory experience of the Okanagan region is undergoing change, related to encounters with flooding, wildfires, smoky air, warming temperatures in both summer and winter, heavier (wetter) snow, and so forth. These experiences have not yet been documented ethnographically. This project asks: Recognizing that tourism consumption and transportation mobility contribute to climate change, how is it that tourism now responds to these very changes? How is the Anthropocene transforming tourism practices in the Okanagan and influencing a framework of cultural heritage management and policy. Using a collaborative approach to sensory ethnography, this project experiments with new sonic methodologies and affective methodologies in order to document and curate a wide range of tourist sensory and multi-sensory experience. The CE2 Lab will be necessary to host the collaborations between Frohlick and Geary (UBCO faculty), their graduate students and collaborators, along with local tourism industry stakeholders, and Kelowna Tourism.


PI: Susan Frohlick, PhD (UBCO)

Co-PI: David Geary, PhD (UBCO)


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